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This high-end premium company is looking for a Product Director to to lead the end-to-end product strategy.

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Data Scientist & Analytics

New excited CRM Lead role. Apply today to discover more.

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Head of Influencer Marketing


We are looking for a Head of Influencer Marketing to drive the communication strategies of a global lifestyle company.

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Marketing Director


An exciting executive role as a Marketing Director for a high-end company.

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Digital Creative Director


An executive role for a Digital Creative Director with a luxury background.

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Client Data & Insight Manager

Data Scientist & Analytics

Global Client data & Insight manager role for a global luxury company in Paris!

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Fashion jobs

The fashion industry offers many rewarding career paths and amazing perks. And as one of the largest markets in the world, it provides executives and senior roles with the potential to make foundational changes in the industry.

Fashion continues to be a powerful driver of creativity, social change and cultural influence around the world, so fashion jobs are an exciting choice for anyone looking to make waves in leadership, follow creative visions or get involved in a cutting-edge market.

Types of fashion jobs

Fashion jobs can be separated into different sectors or functions. Some main areas include design, production, buying and merchandising, marketing, human resources and data analytics.

Creative positions include design-related roles, such as fashion design jobs, creative directors and fashion stylist jobs. This category also includes fashion marketing jobs, which are vital for improving business growth and developing a brand’s image.

Typical fashion industry jobs in this area include

  • design director
  • senior designer
  • lead and associate stylists
  • PR director
  • marketing manager

Another main sector relates to finance and business. These jobs keep companies running. For example, fashion buyer jobs deal with purchasing inventory, and fashion merchandising jobs make sure products sell. Human resources jobs in the fashion industry also provide an interesting way to become integral to developing a company’s culture. Some common job titles in these sectors include

  • buying director
  • merchandising manager
  • senior merchandiser
  • account manager
  • sales director
  • wholesale manager
  • chief people officer
  • HR director

Beyond Talent is highly skilled in pairing leading fashion companies with top talent and making the best possible employment matches. Learn about exciting fashion jobs and browse available positions on Beyond Talent Jobs.

How to find jobs in fashion

Whether you are looking for fashion assistant jobs or senior-level positions, getting your dream job can be hard. The field is competitive, so you have to be persistent and network effectively. Our top tips for finding fashion jobs:

1. Get noticed

To get your foot in the door, make sure you develop a top-notch CV, online profile and portfolio. If you get invited for an interview, create a tailored portfolio to let the employer know you’re the right person for the job.

2. Take courses or internships

Pursing an education and gaining hands-on experience strengthen your qualifications. Taking specialised courses is particularly important if you need niche skills, such as certain software or data analytics knowledge for fashion data scientist jobs.

3. Prepare well for interviews

Interviews can be nerve-racking, but the better prepared you are, the better they go. To nail interviews and cut the competition, you should spend significant time researching the brand, developing your ideas, preparing your wardrobe and even planning your route to arrive on time.

Where to look for fashion jobs


As with most industries, it’s possible to find some fashion jobs on online employment boards. However, many fashion brands prefer to post jobs on their own websites and social media platforms, so we highly recommend searching the employment pages of companies you’re interested in working for.

In-person events and connections

Whenever possible, connect with professionals already working in the industry. Whether through courses, internships, press events or trade shows, building relationships in person can lead to unique opportunities. And this isn’t true only for creatives – if you’re on the business side, such as fashion wholesale jobs or account manager positions, networking is equally important.

Fashion recruitment agencies

In fashion, it can be difficult to know which jobs are available, especially for senior roles. Working with a recruitment agency gives you access to difficult-to-reach networks, whether you’re looking for fashion ecommerce jobs, executive roles or creative positions. They also help you improve your portfolio and prepare for interviews.

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