Even if companies have a strong product and business model, a great financial team can make the difference between the profitable growing fashion companies and the ones struggling.

Finance professionals will look at the overall picture, assessing organisational health, creating forecasts and plans to ensure growth while also mitigating risks. Managing budgets, increasing capital, and analysing the most efficient financing options are also critical skills our candidates master. For larger organizations, this department also play a critical role in Investors Relations dealing with those shareholders that show interest in the business plans and can contribute to foster growth thanks to their contributions.

Our bespoke approach, combined with cultural and geographic knowledge, ensure clients to have a dynamic selection of great candidates across this area.

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Finance Director, Head of Finance, Finance Manager.

If you are an experienced Financial Professional and you would like to have access to new fashion jobs opportunities within the luxury and lifestyle market, please, register with Beyond Talent today and gain access to some of the leading fashion companies in the world.

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