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“As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others.”
– Bill Gates

Having a great team of executives is the major factor that makes everything work together seamlessly; without that leadership, business resources become ineffective.

As experienced and specialized recruiters of executives and CEO jobs for the fashion industry, our consultants have the skills, market knowledge and high-level professional contacts to identify the top managers for the most important roles.

Every business we collaborate with has different needs, so we work hard to ensure that we are able to recruit the perfect game-changing leaders from all over the globe. We hold ourselves to these practices to guarantee client confidentiality and lasting client relationships. Our consultants also play a key role in generating interest and engagement in those extremely researched executives by showing the professional and personal benefits, beyond economic conditions, that would convince them to change company.

Examining all aspects of each assignment allows us to fully understand the intricacies and use previously acquired knowledge, expertise, and research to deliver each result transparently, thoroughly, and quickly.


Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Merchandising Officer, Chief Product Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Digital Officer, Chief People Officer, Creative Director, Managing Director, Commercial Director, Chief Data Officers, Chief Analytics Officers, Heads of Data Science.

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Company Assessment
  • Define the client priorities, values and culture that will impact the search process
  • Develop a customised candidate specification, including goals, responsibilities, the experience, qualifications and competencies required for success
Market Mapping
  • Detailed analysis of industry landscape and macro trends
  • Competitors mapping
  • Executive market salary assessment
Targeted Campaigns
  • Selection of the right platforms for posting the role based on company requirements
  • Targeted research based on market assessment, to locate leaders with the relevant background and recognised skills
  • Proactive research of prospects, validating their potential interest in the role
Strategic Headhunting & Interviews Assessment
  • Identify exceptional professionals with a proven recognised track
  • Conduct rigorous competency-based interviews with candidates based on the position specifications
  • Increase company visibility. Generate engagement in the company and interest in the position and its location
  • Coach on relocation questions and doubts of the prospects
Final Candidates List
  • After our assessments and validations, Beyond Talent provides the final short list of quality executive candidates with high changes of matching company requirements
  • Provide support during the negotiation period
  • Mediate to ensure that both parties can reach a convenient agreement
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