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Plastic fashion

Plastic fashion: What’s the relationship between plastic and the fashion world?

What plastic fashion is, what solutions exist, who’s getting involved and how you can help?

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What is a creative director in fashion

What is a creative director in fashion? Top 4 FAQs

This article answers 4 top FAQs about what it is that a creative director does in fashion. Discover more here!

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Nft clothing

The Future of NFT Fashion

It’s only a matter of time until the metaverse becomes mainstream. In this article, we explain what NFT fashion is, which brands are getting involved.

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Pattern maker

How to become a pattern maker

Many steps are involved in converting fashion designers’ ideas into real-life clothes, and pattern makers are an integral part of this process. Discover more here!

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What Is a Fashion Stylist

What Is a Fashion Stylist?

A fashion stylist chooses the clothing, accessories and overall aesthetic for their client or project. Discover more in this article!

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Metaverse fashion week

Metaverse Fashion Week

Metaverse Fashion Week was a ground-breaking virtual fashion event. This article explains all you need to know about what happened. Find out more

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Fashion designer inspires 02

How fashion designers inspire themselves?

The world of a fashion designer. From a single inspiration to the final product. Read the article and discover more!

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Fashion buyer

What are a fashion buyer responsibilities

A good article to understand which are the fashion buyer responsibilities

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Circular fashion

What is circular fashion and how to get involved

Sustainability is on everyone’s mind and circular fashion is one of the solution. Discover more in this article.

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Fashion aesthetic identity style

Which Fashion Aesthetic Am I?

The categorisation has spread to fashion, and consumers have become more curious about fashion aesthetics.

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Fashion Trends

The Best Fashion Trends for Summer 2022

After two years of Pandemic are you ready to join the summer? Check out which are the summer trends of 2022.

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Fashion industry fashion jobs

Types of Fashion Jobs and How to Get One That’s Right for You

Which are the most popular fashion jobs today? Read the article to discover more.

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Fashion jobs London

The best department stores to work for in the fashion sector

Which luxury stores are the best to work for? Discover more in this article.

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Artificial intelligence in fashion

How AI is transforming the fashion industry

How the Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being used across the fashion world and why is so important?

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