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Fashion marketing jobs

Exploring the dynamic world of fashion marketing jobs

Behind the scenes, fashion marketing plays a pivotal role in shaping the industry's landscape. Discover more below!

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Fashion industry jobs

Fashion Industry Jobs: The Positions That Are Reshaping the World of Fashion

In this article we are exploring some of the emerging career opportunities in fashion.

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Fast fashion facts

Fast fashion facts and how they will shape the future of the industry

The future of Fast-fashion. What to change and improve in the following years. Read more in this article.

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Fashion visual merchandising

Fashion Visual Merchandising: Elevate Brand Appeal

VM it's not just about what's inside the store, it's also about how you present it!

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Fashion Brand Collaborations

Fashion Brand Collaborations: The Evolution of Collaborative Marketing in the World of Fashion

Brands collab are definetely a must today for many companies, something we analyse in this article.

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Work life balance

The Importance of Good Work-Life Balance

The benefits of a work-life-balance. What to do in order to reduce the stress while maintaining a good work performance.

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Footwear design

Exploring the Art of Footwear Design for Fashion Enthusiasts

For most people, footwear is the finishing touch to an ensemble, so choosing the right pair of shoes can say a lot about identity. In this article, we take a look at how form and function come together and what main elements are considered during the process.

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Fashion digital marketing

How Fashion Digital Marketing Affects the Industry

In this article, we discuss why online marketing for fashion is important and the impact of it on costumers decisions.

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Genderless Fashion

The rise of genderless fashion and its impact on the industry

Genderless fashion. What to know about the new trend in fashion.

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Interview body language

10 Interview Body Language Tips

Your body language is one of the main key factors for a successful interview. Find out more here.

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Ai fashion

AI in Fashion: The Future of the Industry

AI and the fashion industry. What to know about the inversion that many companies are doing.

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How many words should a cover letter be

How many words should a cover letter be? And other crucial cover letter tips

If you are wondering how to write a good cover letter this is the article to read.

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Fashion pr

What is it like to work in fashion PR?

PR jobs can vary wildly depending on the speciality and type of company. If you are interested in start a career in PR have a look to this article.

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Diversity and inclusion in the workplace

Diversity and inclusion in the workplace: Important concepts in the fashion world

How the fashion industry is implementing the diversity&inclusion culture? Discover more in this article.

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