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HR plays a key role in developing and strengthen the culture/values of an organisation. As the business market evolves, so does the contribution of HR experts in their companies. Seen as mere responsible for just hiring and firing by old-fashioned management, the HR department is today the lifeblood of any fashion company, as they make sure that the business gets the most out of its employees while also ensuring that employees engage with the corporate values.

At Beyond Talent, our team understands how areas such as compensations & benefit, performance management, employer branding, training and development, and recruitment are all essential elements of the business culture covered by HR.

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Chief People Officer, HR Director, Head of L&D, L&D Manager, Talent Acquisition Director, Head of Talent Acquisition, Talent Acquisition Manager, HR Manager, HR Training Manager, HR Business Partner, Employer Branding Manager.

If you are experienced within the HR areas and seeking new job opportunities within the fashion luxury and lifestyle market, register with Beyond Talent today and gain access to some of the leading fashion companies in the world.

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