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Thanks to our years of experience, we know the best techniques to help our candidates to look more attractive. We make sure all your potential is shown during the recruitment process by helping you to adapt your CV, portfolio and how to succeed during the interviews. Beyond Talent will be by your side all along the recruitment process.

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How many times did you feel left behind once a selection process is over? At Beyond Talent, we believe that constructive feedback will help you in your future career. We will coach you, so that next time you will be an even more attractive candidate for companies.

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Candidate Testimonials

“I've always been triggered by the quote -
"The only things worth seeing, are beyond what you can actually see"
This is true with Beyond Talent - it is all that you can't see that makes Beyond Talent so special. Recruitment has never felt so congenial.”


— Senior Art Director

"I would definitely recommend Beyond Talent as an excellent recruitment company.
They were very helpful on every stage of recruitment, from the initial interview until reaching the offer. Outstanding skills in advising how to improve a design project in order to meet the company's expectations. Their extensive professional recruitment skills, fashion knowledge and dedication was beyond my expectation."


— Design Manager

“I had the best recruiting experience with Beyond Talent.
They are extremely serious and empathetic, able to find the right communication channel with the candidate, finding the best way to express yourself during the interview, identifying the opportunities, analyzing together your strenghts and weaknesses and helping you reaching your next career goal.
I highly recommend them!”


— Senior Ecom Merchandiser

“Beyond Talent, you earn my highest recommendation as a recruitment agency. I feel your preparation was vital to my success, making each step of the way easier and your tips and guidelines were very effective. Thank you very much for matching me with such a great position and helping me to get a great salary and benefits package!”


— Head of Buying

"The Beyond Talent team have supported me through all the selection process with a level of care difficult to find in any other previous headhunter. The things I appreciated the most from them was their honesty and the constant flow of information; Federica is a very pragmatic person that goes straight to the important points and helps you to understand better your full potential and gain confidence. They placed me in a company adapted to what I was looking for and where I can develop myself professionally."


— Product Developer Manager

"Thanks to Beyond Talent I finally got my dream job within an amazing company. Since the beginning they understood my needs and expertise, guiding me across a very selective job opportunities that were reflecting my real values. Thanks BT!"


— Head of Fabric

"I had the chance to work with BT for a selection process in which I succeeded! They analyzed my profile in a very accurate way in order to evaluate the right roles across Italy.
There were always available when needed and their deep understanding of the retail market really surprised me!"


— Retail Director

"Definitely a new jobseeker experience: candidate oriented, flexible, well prepared.
They were a great partner since the beginning."


— Ecom Buying Manager

"My experience as a candidate with Beyond Talent was by the far the best I have had with recruitment. The team is extremely skilled at their job, they clearly cares about her candidates and finding the right fit. They prepares you thoroughly for interviews, and gives great in depth feedback. The process was long and more complex due to covid but they were always patient and flexible. They are obviously talented at finding the perfect fit for both company and candidate".


— Senior Personal Shopper - Digital Luxury Company

"My experience with Beyond Talent was above and beyond all previous experiences. Each step of the process, I was made to feel prepared, confident and comfortable with rounds of senior interviews for one of the most iconic brands. I really felt as they had my best future career interests fully at heart!”


— Head of Art direction - Global luxury Company

"Generally, recruiters get a bad reputation. Beyond Talent proved quite the opposite. As a creative I felt very comfortable—as they made sure my work was respected, my needs met, and my privacy protected throughout the hiring process. A++".


— Senior Art Director - Global Luxury Company

"Federica is a wonderful recruiter. She is professional, thorough and was a constant support during the whole process. The best experience I have had in recruitment. I would absolutely recommend Beyond Talent to any candidate looking for the next step in its career".


— Product Director - High Premium Company

"Beyond Talent Recruitment has done an amazing work from the beginning till the end of the recruitment process and this is something that very few talent agencies do. Personalised, professional with passion and love making all way easier to success".


— Head of Social Media - Global Lifestyle Company

"My experience with Beyond Talent was extremely helpful and pleasant. They are incredible honest, very professional and really focused. A special mention to Federica. Her personality, capability and emotional intelligence to deal with the candidates during the whole process, is simply exquisite. 'When two talents collide, there´s nothing you can do to stop it. Beyond Talent. Thanks to find me. I am glad to find you'. Thanks!!"


— Head of Design - Global Lifestyle Company

"I have never enjoyed more a recruitment process than I did with Beyond Talent! I would highly recommend BT again to anyone that wants a step up in their career. Professionalism, empathy, and preparation are truly assets that defined them and they make you focus on the process with confidence and tenacity."


— Business Development Director – Sport

"Best Recruiting Experience Ever! I have never seen a recruiter, like Federica: through the whole interview process, communications were clear and timely, and the thorough interview preparation was essential to help me get my new job. Again, a huge thank you".


— Head of Performance Marketing – Digital luxury company

"Beyond Talent has a unique and special ability in connecting the right people for the right role and always go the extra mile in order to prepare their candidates for each step of the recruitment process. Ensuring success on all sides".


— Creative Director

"Quick, seamless and open communication with the team, and matched my experience to an ideal next career step. Couldn't recommend more".


— Head of CRM - Global Premium Company

"Beyond Talent did a great job. Not only did they find me for my dream position (superb head hunting for any businesses out there FYI) but they worked tirelessly to make sure I got the right package for me. Bravo"


— Sales Director - Global Motorsports Company

"It was one of the smoothest and most professional experience to work with Beyond Talent Recruitment.
They took good care about the whole recruitment process and followed closely every step to help me to be at my best for the interviews, with connections to the best companies and i ended up getting an amazing offer. I really recommend this agency."


— Art Director - Global Luxury Company

"Beyond Talent have a unique and special ability in connecting the right people for the right role and always go the extra mile in order to prepare their candidates for each step of the recruitment process. Ensuring success on all sides."


— Design Director - High Premium Company

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