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Anna moro

A Day in the Life of a Marketing Director with Anna Moro

22 February 2021 By Federica Pantanella

Beyond Talks: we spoke with Anna Moro, Marketing and Communication Director at LaDoubleJ.

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Fashion marketing trends 2021

Marketing trends fashion businesses can’t ignore in 2021

How important it is today for the fashion industry to look for marketing experts?

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Find a fashion job

Getting over the pandemic: Find your fashion job in 2021

The pandemic gave many of us a chance to re-think and re-evaluate our situations. Perhaps this is what led you to read our article: Find a fashion job in 2021?

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Socially responsible fashion companies

Socially responsible fashion companies to watch out for in 2021

How the fashion industry tackles its corporate social responsibility has had a spotlight on it this year?

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Fashion Art Director jobs

Insight into Art Director jobs in the fashion industry with Gary Bradnick

Beyond Talks: behind the scene of a video making project. An insight chat with Gary Bradnick, a creative Art Director of luxury fashion.

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Fashion job interview tips

The best fashion job interview tips to stand out!

An inside article that will support you for the preparation of your next fashion job interview!

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Design Director jobs

What does a Design Director do? Stefan Brunnbauer, explains all.

Beyond Talks: We spoke to Stefan Brunnbauer, a talented Design Director that will guide us into the world of luxury fashion.

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Fashion designer portfolio for job

Fashion Designer portfolio tips for your next job in fashion

The importance of having a well prepared fashion design portfolio.

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Fashion and social media trends 2021

How fashion brands can utilise social media trends for 2021

The future social media trends of 2021 in the fashion industry

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Employer Brand jobs 2

Insight into Employer Brand jobs with Marta Sala

Beyond Talks: An interested talk with Marta Sala about how companies use Employer Branding strategies for talent acquisition.

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Employer branding recruitment strategy

Why Employer Branding has to be part of your recruitment strategy

The importance of Employer Branding today

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Fashion jobs cv tips

Secure your next fashion job with expert CV writing tips

Think of your CV as your "business card". It needs to impress and make a potential employer want to keep hold of it.

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Creative Fashion jobs

Insight into Creative Fashion jobs with Elisa Dodi

Beyond Talks: We speak to Elisa Dodi about what it’s like to have a creative job in the fashion industry.

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Best fashion brands to work for

The best fashion brands to work for right now

The fashion industry is a fast-paced profession to work in and staying on top of trends, production, and more.

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The future of fashion jobs covid

The future of fashion: the most important jobs following COVID-19

The future of the fashion industry following COVID-19

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