Fashion Industry Jobs: The Positions That Are Reshaping the World of Fashion

The fashion industry has always been one where creative, talented individuals could explore their full potential, dreaming up new concepts and embracing fulfilling careers. As consumer needs change and evolve, fashion industry jobs are adapting as well. Let’s explore some of the emerging career opportunities in fashion.

Fashion industry jobs for design experts

If there is one type of career opportunity the fashion industry will always provide, it’s in the design category! Designers are the heart and soul of fashion, dreaming up new styles for the world to discover and love.

Design director

Design directors see to the coordination of all the decisions and processes to deliver products on time, on budget, and to the standards of quality the brand has set for itself. These decision-makers supervise the design process from a technical standpoint while ensuring design teams, marketing departments, and other stakeholders are all up to speed with the company’s vision.

Fashion tech specialist

Wearable tech is here to stay. From smartwatches to fitness devices, e-textiles, smart fabrics, and innovations in clothing and accessories, designers with a technological background are in high demand. Fashion tech specialists create cutting-edge fashion products that integrate the latest technologies.

Print designer

This fashion industry job revolves around the production of visual designs, artwork, and graphic materials to be used for textiles. Print designers develop innovative ideas for imagery and prints added to various types of garments. With a strong art background, they are expected to master different media, such as sketches for samples and presentations, along with hand-drawn, digital, and painted artwork.

Augmented reality designer

AR—or augmented reality—has taken the fashion world by storm, providing new ways to experience shopping. From enhanced product visualisations to virtual try-ons, interactive shopping reconciles the feeling of in-person shopping with the convenience of online shopping. AR Designers create virtual fitting rooms, interactive visual merchandising displays, AR-enabled catalogues, and other AR-based technology to engage customers in immersive shopping experiences.

Fashion career opportunities in supply chain, operation, and production

The fashion industry faces profound changes, requiring executives to embrace innovation and agility. From controversial materials to shortages and supply chain issues related to social movements and strikes, disruptions are causing retail businesses to explore new models, giving rise to fashion career opportunities.

Fashion buyer

One of the key jobs in the fashion industry, this position focuses on sourcing and purchasing stock ahead of every season. From identifying upcoming trends to negotiating prices and delivery with the suppliers, being a fashion buyer requires passion and a strong decision-making mindset.

Merchandise allocator/planner

Many career opportunities in fashion emanate from the buying sphere. Merchandise allocators or planners are in charge of purchasing merchandise based on the brand’s stock levels in light of its sales history. The idea is to make sure the right product is always available at the right time to maximise profits. Forecasting, price negotiations, delivery management, sales monitoring… this role juggles several talents. It requires fast thinking and a constant ability to meet tight deadlines.

Fabric researcher

Innovation is at the heart of many fashion industry jobs and is particularly prominent in the career of a fabric researcher. The need for cutting-edge materials grows greater each year, and brands are eager to come up with new, more sustainable textile concepts. Fabric researchers know the ins and outs of fabric production and understand the characteristics of every material. They are also expected to work alongside the design team to help create garments that combine aesthetics with comfort and durability.

Product developer

Product development bridges the gap between design and production, coordinating the process of creating new styles while constantly focusing on quality. A product developer is a multi-talented individual who masters sketching, tech packs, sourcing, analysis, and more, applying outside-the-box thinking to every step of a project to come up with unique products that consumers will love.

Sustainability career opportunities in the fashion industry

Sustainability and social responsibility are behind many of the shifts currently occurring in the fashion industry. From cleaning up production to embracing circularity and working towards fairer conditions for factory employees, the fashion world needs people with the knowledge and ability to make an impact for the better.

Sustainability officer

Fashion career opportunities for sustainability officers are plentiful as the industry has repeatedly been called out on its harmful practices. With a degree in environmental science, environmental management, or sustainability backed up by specific knowledge and an understanding of market development, a sustainability officer is an asset brands no longer want to go without. This decision-maker develops, implements, promotes, and monitors environmental strategies, keeping the company accountable and moving towards bettering itself.

Diversity and inclusion specialist

Much like sustainability, diversity and inclusion are topics the fashion industry is more than ever taking to heart. Fashion industry job opportunities are opening up for those with the right skill set. Diversity and inclusion specialists guide brands towards promoting representation at every level, from design to marketing. They provide education and training within the organisation, making sure every voice is heard and working in favour of materials, products, and messaging in which communities and individuals can find commonality.

Circular design expert

Fashion industry jobs need to adapt to the growing demand for more sustainable shopping models, particularly second-hand options. The shift from a linear to a (partially) circular economy is underway, and fashion brands want specialists who can facilitate the ongoing dialogue between the key actors, create roles and reshape existing positions to integrate new sustainability policies. Various jobs can be found in the field of circular design, particularly where materials are concerned. Experts seek to develop recycled and recyclable options for greener knitwear and woven garments, jersey materials, and more, working towards eliminating plastic altogether.

Textile recycling operations manager

As the legislation evolves, fashion companies will be expected to handle recycling operations for their products. From devising more sustainable lifecycles for garments to overseeing the proper handling of clothing waste, operations managers are a point of contact for everyone involved.

Marketing jobs in the fashion industry

Where there is competition, there is marketing, and fashion industry jobs in this specialisation abound. From customer relations to channel diversification, e-commerce development, social shopping, and more, fashion career opportunities in marketing are increasingly inclusive and open to various types of profiles.

CRM manager

Fashion industry jobs in Customer Relationship Management are gaining traction, taking marketing and customer service to the next level for companies with a strong online presence. This role requires skills in all the consumer-centric fields, with an emphasis on customer service. CRM roles are sought after by brands looking to turn their stores into immersive environments and cultivate deeper connections with their customers.

Influencer marketing manager

Brands wishing to forge closer bonds with their audiences are turning to social media in general and influencer and marketing in particular. So much so that it has become a separate branch, requiring the creation of new jobs in the fashion industry. From building brand awareness to boosting engagement and generating sales, this approach yields multiple benefits. Influencer marketing managers develop and execute marketing campaigns by identifying influencers and content creators, negotiating contracts, and measuring the performance of the strategies.

Omnichannel operations manager

As the fashion industry embraces e-commerce and the mono-brand format, brands are focusing on Omnichannel. This strategy promotes seamless, integrated shopping experiences across channels, both online and IRL. It ensures customers can enjoy cohesive interactions with the brand. An Omnichannel operations manager oversees the creation of a unified, interconnected retail environment where shoppers can purchase items online and pick them up at the store, buy in-store and have products delivered, buy online and return in-store, etc. Brand side, Omnichannel is conducive to real-time stock visibility (which customers can benefit from as well) through synchronised inventory.

Alt text: Fashion content creator

You can find fashion industry jobs in writing, video creation, blogging, social media posts, and more. Fashion content has become a highly influential medium of communication, shaping trends and impacting consumer behaviour. Fashion content creators are tasked with creating engaging content through sponsorships, brand collaborations, endorsements, and other approaches. Typically self-employed, they need to hone their expertise and understand how to keep their content relevant, monetise it, and multiply income streams.

Data and AI fashion industry jobs

In today’s data-driven world, most industries understand that leveraging information is the most effective way to gain insights into market trends, consumer behaviours, and product performance. Fashion career opportunities abound for experts in this field.

Data analyst

Fashion brands call upon the expertise of data analysts to help them make informed decisions based, as the name indicates, on data analysis. By studying and interpreting data from sources such as customer feedback, sales data, web traffic, and social media trends, analysts identify patterns that present an opportunity for growth. From streamlining processes to developing data-driven strategies and offering new ways to optimise operations, data analysis has become a staple in the fashion industry.

Trend forecaster

What will the future of fashion be made of? Which piece of clothing will be in every wardrobe next season? Trend forecasters don’t make the decision, but their job in the fashion industry is to identify upcoming trends to allow brands to move in the right direction. This involves copious amounts of research, statistics, and data analysis, requiring highly specialised skills.

AI expert

Fashion industry jobs involving AI are very diverse. From fashion design to supply chain analysis, fashion data science and sustainable fashion, artificial intelligence can be leveraged on different levels. What’s important to note about AI is that it is not a solution in and of itself, and we are not at a point where it is likely to take over people’s jobs. What it can do is provide insights into the fashion market and be used as a tool accomplished professionals can use to create imagery that wasn’t technically possible to produce before. As an aid, AI is invaluable, and having experts who understand how to make the most of it is crucial for fashion brands that wish to remain relevant.

Whether rooted in tradition or looking towards the future, fashion industry jobs are as diverse as they are exciting, encompassing numerous talents and highlighting the growing demand for specialised expertise. From digital marketing to social media influencing, AI, AR, design, and sustainability, these increasingly vital roles are reshaping the fashion world and promoting a greener, more inclusive approach that aligns with the needs and wants of today’s consumers. Fashion houses, high street brands, agencies, manufacturers, and many other actors are well on their way to completing their digital transformation and fully integrating sustainability within their practices.

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