The best department stores to work for in the fashion sector

The dream of working for one of the best department stores can come true with a referral talent company.

The top department and luxury stores know where to look to find professionals to fill their vacancies.

Millions of people around the world aspire to work in the fashion industry. Luxury, glamour, style, and full functionality come together in department stores, making them important centres where main purchases are made and relevant fashion trends originate. Although revolutions are born in the streets, a new fashion trend is born in department stores. All kinds of brands sell their products in department stores to different clients who end up setting trends.

Finding the perfect job in the fashion industry is the best way to experience trend changes firsthand. Whether you are working at a department store with a demanding client or as a fashion editorial assistant, all jobs that have direct contact with the fashion world provide you with the creativity and ability to personally assist in the trend creation inside of you.

Which fashion companies are the best to work for?

When you have to decide which fashion company to work for, several factors can influence your decision. No one company is better than another, but certain profiles or characteristics fit better with a brand’s directives or philosophy. Fashion goes beyond what we perceive at a glance – it represents a whole lifestyle. If you trust your heart, the best fashion company to work for is the one that has the same passions and lifestyle that you’d like to have or that you express every day.

Another important element when you are trying to get a fashion job is to look for the type of company you would like to work with. Talking about department stores, the factors that could make the difference are the particular background, level of prestige and the work environment.

The success of a fashion company is based not only on its sales but also on the social impact it generates. Getting a job at the shopping center Cabot Circus for example, offers the chance to enjoy a shopping centre that provides access to diverse personalities, customers and fashion experts. A company with these characteristics is based on the dynamism of constant purchases and seasons that renew each garment, and it gets accustomed to new trends coming in from everywhere.

The opening of Galeries Lafayette in Milan marks a turning point in one of the most important shopping resorts in Europe and probably in the world. Not only for opening a huge department store in the fashion capital but also because it translates into a huge opportunity in terms of new jobs.

Harrods is one of the cornerstones of luxury fashion retailing. Finding a job in one of its departments is a unique opportunity available to very few.

On the other hand, starting a job at Harvey Nichols represents drawing on tradition and luxury. The trendsetting that this type of business creates results in social impact at the highest level in the fashion world. Luxury brands serve small markets and trends that perfectly imitate stitches from the world’s best designers. In a company such as this, thoroughness and perfection are absolute, and anyone trying to start their professional career in fashion in this setting faces great challenges.

Which luxury stores are the best to work for?

Realizing the dream of working in a luxury store involves considering key aspects to choose the best option. It is necessary to know the brand well, believe in its values and support the spirit around it. Luxury stores have an aura, and they make use of the best materials and hands to create each of the pieces they sell. These stores have a philosophy based on giving clients the most exclusive, selective and luxurious fashion, and finding a store like this to work in means working your way to the top.

If your goal is to work for a luxury store, always search for the best talent companies that can connect you directly to the most prominent stores. As a recruitment agency experts in luxury fashion, Beyond Talent connects luxury companies with the most efficient workers. An employee’s profile must match the role perfectly, and whether a client is looking for stylists or fashion editorial assistants, the employee’s relationship with luxury must take place efficiently.

  • Just as stores or department stores focus on luxury, excellence is what is looked for in people who will be in touch with this type of fashion. Not everyone can find their dream luxury store, but they can find their ideal employee. Talent is found, qualities flourish and they fit perfectly in this world that shines out with its own light thanks to the people and materials that build it up.
  • The best store to work in is the one that is ready to receive a motivated employee that can satisfy customers. This process is a feedback loop that circles back until they give place to whatever is needed. Talent and other important elements interact to lead all those coming into the fashion sector to the top.

To get to know which fashion and luxury companies can lead to a promising future, get in contact with the best talent firms. Work in whatever you like best and learn about the world-changing fashion that starts in department stores and expands to luxury’s greatest heights. Don’t let anything stop you. You can be successful in the fashion industry and make your dreams come true.

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By Federica Pantanella
01 April 2022 20:58

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