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The best fashion brands to work for right now

The fashion industry is a fast-paced profession to work in and staying on top of trends, production, design, as well as eco and ethical standards is a challenging task. These elements might make a career in fashion one of the toughest, but they also make it one of the most interesting and exciting industries to be part of.

If you’re thinking about your next career move an intelligent place to start is to consider what individual fashion companies can offer you, as an employee. Not only taking into account salary and progression, but also how businesses’ treat staff, approach diversity, and what strategies are in place to look after the environment.

Beyond Talent has analysed top businesses worldwide, considering all of the elements mentioned above, to suggest you some of the best fashion brands to work for.

Read our article and tell us - who would you like to secure your next fashion job with?


Nike continues to be one of the most influential brands across the world. In fact, it’s been listed in the group of 20 companies accounting for 97% of the global economic profit for the fashion sector.

Employees working for Nike are guaranteed to never be bored. Its extensive product range including equipment, footwear and apparel opens up many avenues to explore in your career.

Nike also presents high standards when it comes to supporting employees to give back to the community. The Nike Community Ambassador Programme allows staff to take time out of the office to “share their love of sport with the next generation” through volunteering at local schools, charities and organisations. It’s a scheme that’s loved by employees and makes them feel proud to work for the brand.

If working for a sustainable and eco-friendly company matters to you, Nike is taking steps in the right direction to make a difference. The business has a big focus on improving sustainability through using eco-friendly materials, reducing its waste and water, and has committed to diminishing greenhouse gas emissions by 100 percent by 2025.

Job opportunities at Nike are worldwide. Headquarters are based in the US near Beaverton, Oregon, however there are 90 more offices across the globe including UK, Canada, Italy, Spain and Singapore.


The third most-valuable luxury brand in the world, Hermés is the only fashion company to ever make it into France’s top 10 of places to work for.

A family-owned business with headquarters in Paris, Hermés is a company with high standards and values authenticity, imagination and elegance. With stores all across the globe selling bags, jewellery, fragrances, watches and accessories, the company employs over 12,000 people worldwide.

One reason why Hermés was listed as a best company to work for is because it stays true to its family-owned culture. It encourages employees to have a good work life balance by offering flexible working hours, working from home, and a desirable annual leave package. Benefits you’re unlikely to find working for other luxury-fashion-houses. Employees who work at Hermés say you’re welcomed into the ‘family’ from day one and the environment is an infectious and warm place to be.

Hermés also puts sustainability at the top of its agenda to ensure the “planet’s resources are preserved, protected, traced, certified and recycled”. Actions include planting trees, using renewable energy, supporting act4nature to protect land and seas, fighting back against trafficking of endangered animals, and devising new solutions to recycle materials.

Many of Hermés’ job opportunities are based in Paris, however there are also careers to consider in Shanghai and its retail-stores across the world.


H&M (Hennes & Mauritz) is the second-largest global clothing retailer, just behind Zara, with an estimated brand value of 19 billion.

The Swedish company is not only known for its popular fast-fashion collections, but it’s also known as a business that gives employees plenty of opportunities.

No matter what your job role is at H&M, the company encourages you to set your own career path with its ‘Place of Possible’ employee development scheme. You are given the freedom to learn new skills through internal job rotations, promotions and international placements. Therefore, if you’re considering a side-step in your career or you’d like a deeper understanding of other job functions, H&M would be a fantastic employer to support you.

H&M has also been named one of the best fashion companies to work for and praised for its ethical, diverse and equality approach. Half of its current board members are women from all kinds of backgrounds.

The fashion company’s headquarters are based in Stockholm, Sweden, however there are many job opportunities worldwide including the UK, Europe and Middle East.


Luxury brand Gucci, which is part of the Kering Group, has made it onto the Top Global Brands List every year since 2000. Its skilled and innovative product craftsmanship, entwined with the freedom it gives employers to be creative, are what have earned the brand a place at the top.

In 2016, Gucci appointed a new Chief Executive (Marco Bizzarri) who reinvigorated the business with a unique transparent approach. Bizzarri’s influence has transformed Gucci into a motivating place to work by encouraging employees to be innovative, discover new skills, take risks and have ownership over their creations. Not only have the changes had a positive impact on working environments, but Gucci is now the fastest-growing luxury brand and saw a value increase of 23 percent in 2019.

When it comes to responsible business, Gucci announced a 10 year plan back in 2017. It committed to eliminating animal fur from all collections, reduce environmental impact, enhance the lives of factory workers, and launched a campaign with Unicef’s Girls’ Empowerment Initiative to support women in the industry. Over half of Gucci’s senior managers are now female from a variety of backgrounds.

If Gucci sounds like the next employer for you, its headquarters are based in Italy with the main offices in Milan, Florence and Rome. However, there are opportunities all over the world including UK, US, Paris and Tokyo.


Named the ‘coolest company on the planet’, Patagonia is an outdoor retailer known for its iconic fleeces, backpacks and wetsuits. It’s also known as the retailer who isn’t afraid to set its own path and go against the status-quo.

Ever since Patagonia was founded in 1973 it pledged to give back to the world by donating 1% of sales to environmental groups. Yvon Chouinard, the founder, said “there’s no business to be done on a dead planet.”

If looking after our world and the people in it are top of your agenda, then you’ll be interested to hear Patagonia prioritises looking after communities we live in too. Its Patagonia Pro Program is a membership for outdoor professionals and businesses allowing them to apply for grants to improve activities for local societies.

Patagonia has an employee-first culture that means its retention rate is extremely high. The respect, support and benefits employees receive are hard to compete with – especially in the fashion industry.

On your first day of employment you’re handed a “Let my people go surfing” handbook that encourages you to choose your working hours. Because of the trust the company gives employees, they always work hard and are dedicated to their roles when they are in the office. Employees are also given every other Friday off to enjoy long weekends with friends and family.

Childcare is a huge benefit for many working parents at Patagonia. It has childcare facilities on site, pays for Nannies to go on work trips when childcare is not available, and embraces babies and children in the office.

If Patagonia sounds like the perfect employer for you it has offices in California, Nevada, and the Netherlands.


Since launching in 2008, Zalando has become one of the fastest growing online-fashion-retailers through combining the offer of popular global brands alongside its own label collections.

Zalando is a very modern company to work for and has a business-model based on uniting tech with fashion. If you’re an expert in digital technologies and have an interest in fashion, this company is the perfect fit for your skill set.

The e-commerce’s recruitment strategy has built a diverse and entrepreneurial employee culture – something that has become one its greatest assets. Zalando employs people from all over the world and has a workforce that includes over 100 nationalities. Alongside diversity, Zalando believes in giving employees autonomy and encourages entrepreneurship and putting your own ideas into action.

The e-commerce business has also been praised for supporting employees with families. Flexible working hours are available to parents and there’s even a dedicated area for children in the office when childcare is not available.

When it comes to sustainability Zalando is making strides to improve its footprint. It launched a ‘Sustainability Flag’ in 2016 that highlights to customers’ products made from organic cotton or recycled materials. It also promises to make 20 percent of its collections completely sustainable by 2023.

Zalando has fashion job opportunities all across Europe. Its headquarters is in Berlin, Germany, however there are also offices in Italy, Poland and Finland.


Adidas is one of the most influential brands in the world leading the way in business when it comes to careers, equality and sustainability.

Listed as one of the best fashion companies to work for, Adidas is at the top for employee learning and development. The business prides itself on progressing existing talent and giving its workforce endless learning opportunities.

In 2018, the sportswear-giant launched a recruitment drive for digital talent with an Employer Branding campaign called ‘Here To Create’. An emotive video was released telling real stories from real employees, showcasing the employer as an inspiring, creative and adventurous place to work.

Leading the way in sustainability, Adidas is using its high-profile-platform to change industry behaviours and ensure fashion and retail businesses protect our world. The company is a founding member of ambitious initiatives including Better Cotton, Leather Working Group and Fair Labour Association. Sustainable actions it has taken itself include reducing chemical usage, water consumption, and energy. In fact, Adidas has already achieved its energy reduction target one year ahead of schedule.

Adidas’ headquarters are based in Herzogenaurach, Germany, however the company also has offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Amsterdam and Russia.

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By Federica Pantanella
09 September 2020 09:00

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